Public Consultation in the Regeneration of Ballymun

Public Consultation in the Regeneration of Ballymun

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There are approximately twenty thousand people living in Ballymun, a town land located four miles north of Dublin’s city centre. Over the last eight years, the residents of Ballymun have experienced a period of great change. The 1960s witnessed the construction of a high rise housing estate was felt to be the answer to Dublin’s growing housing problem. Poor planning and a lack of facilities resulted in this economically deprived area being seen as the last place people would want to live. Many Irish people would associate Ballymun with danger, drug addiction and poverty. While such economic and social problems are still present, Ballymun has changed greatly. The demolition of the high rise towers, the construction of a main street and plaza, new houses and low rise apartement blocks, together with an arts centre, a leisure centre and buildings for community use have dramatically changed the urban landscape of this area. Through an intense period of urban regeneration, a new...

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