The Basic Human Rights of a Child in Zambia

The Basic Human Rights of a Child in Zambia

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The Basic Human Rights of a Child in Zambia is a piece of work that looks at the legal frame work of a child in Zambia with a critical eye. It brings forth the awareness of the various legislatives and conventions vis-a-vis the rights of a child. The book transcends the boarders of the Zambian soil and looks at a child as a universal entity. The book attempts to highlight the historic perspectives of children’s rights as enshrined in the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of a child as well as the Laws of Zambia. The book argues that children‘s rights are critical to their development. In this vein, children’s rights are defined as that part where the law intersects with the child’s life. It is worthy noting that children’s rights are broad in nature as they encompass various aspects of a child’s life inter -alia: culture, Civics, Environment and Political. Human rights are further defined as entitlements which are acquired by reason of being a human person. A child being a...

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